The four prestigious faculty members of NUCLEUS are – Mr. Manish Singh, Mr. Sumit Kumar, Mr. Ujjwal Singh and Mrs. Prerna Singh. They have united together with an aim to provide quality education to students who want to make it to one of the prestigious colleges such as IITs, NITs, AIIMS etc. Their teaching expertise, knowledge and qualifications need no introduction, as they are among the pioneers in teaching and coaching field here at Kullu since its inception. All of them are extremely popular among students till date, after having served for over decades now.

Mr. Ujjwal Singh

Maths Faculty
(B.Tech NIT) || Ex Faculty - BANSAL , CL || Exp - 12 Years

A versatile educator, famously known for his expertise in Mathematics subject. He holds years of experience in coaching, which is why his mastery over this subject is beyond comparison. 
His interactive and intelligent approach in teaching these subjects helps students to understand the subject while clearing their doubts simultaneously. 

Mrs. Prerna Singh

Chemistry Faculty
(M.Sc Chemistry) || Ex Faculty - NARAYANA Delhi , BANSAL || Exp - 10 Years

She is a chemistry expert, who can correlate NCERT course content in parallel with all other reputed Medical Entrance exam’s chemistry syllabus. Teaching CHEMISTRY is her passion and she is god-gifted with the abilities to explain things in this subject so clearly, and in a way that students of varying intelligence levels and those accustomed to different learning styles accommodate equally well.

Mr. Manish Singh

Physics Faculty
(B.Tech NIT) || Ex Faculty - FIIT, CL || Exp - 12 Years || Board Topper - 6th Rank , PHYSICS Olym rank -112

An accomplished teacher of Physics, who has taught the subject for several years now. With his extensive teaching experience he has developed a sound knowledge repository of the subject and the teaching skill set that facilitates students to correlate Physics with day-to-day life examples. He can make them see and feel the Physics beyond the equations. 

Mr. Sumit Kumar

Biology Faculty
(M.Sc LifeScience) || Ex Faculty - A.S. Vidyamandir, Shimla , Aakash , CL || Exp - 22 Years

An expert in Biology, medical aspirants find his teaching methodology extremely intriguing and encouraging. He builds an atmosphere very conducive and healthy to learn a sensitive subject like Biology. He drives their critical and creative thinking skills with his effective communication and helps them assimilate the different ideas and concepts in the subject in such a way that they don’t feel the need to ever revise them after the class.

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